Myocardial Viability Utilization and Case Studies

PET/CT imaging provides a way to assess the severity of heart disease and measure its impact on heart function. Clinical studies show an important role for PET/CT in screening for coronary heart disease, assessing flow rates and flow reserves, and distinguishing viable from nonviable heart tissue.

Myocardial viability imaging indications

  1. Identify ischemic disease, reduced blood supply to the heart
  2. Distinguish viable from nonviable myocardium for bypass and transplant candidates
  3. Demonstrating whether a surgery to reverse the effects of a blockage will improve the function of the heart
  4. Distinguish viable myocardium from infarcted tissue in patients with suspected hibernating or stunned myocardium
  5. Evaluate extent of disease in patients being considered for interventional revascularization or transplantation procedures
Title Description Author
Case 01 Shows reduced blood flow, but a viable myocardium University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN, USA