Melanoma Case 01

Clinical History
39-year-old woman with a history of melanoma who underwent excision now with a left lower lobe mass referred for restaging PET/CT.

Imaging Findings
STATED REASON FOR REQUEST: Metastatic melanoma TECHNIQUE: Emission scanning was performed extending from the skull through the pelvis approximately one hour post radiotracer injection. Images were reconstructed with and without attenuation correction using the CT attenuation coefficients.
BLOOD GLUCOSE: Fasting blood sugar of 73 mg/dL

PET/CT Findings: There were multiple focal abnormal areas of increased radiopharmaceutical uptake of an intense nature involving the soft tissues posterior and closely adjacent to the proximal right humerus, large mass in the right lower lung, and soft tissues of the lower left buttock adjacent to the muscle.

This case demonstrates the power of PET/CT to identify lesions that are either not visible on the CT portion of the exam or are very subtle lesions. Both of the lesions illustrated above were missed prospectively on the CT portion of the exam.

Unfortunately, given the multiple unsuspected metastases, the patient became a non-surgical candidate.

Data courtesy of Dr. Todd Blodgett, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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