Cervical Cancer

Invasive cervical cancer is a devastating cancer affecting women. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 12,700 cases of invasive cervical cancer are expected to be diagnosed annually. Incidence rates have decreased steadily over the past several decades as the Pap test has become more prevalent. Annually in the US, there are an estimated 4,300 deaths related to cervical cancer. Mortality rates have declined sharply over the past several decades as well.


Early determination of how far cervical cancer has spread is key to selecting the most appropriate treatment.


The most appropriate treatment, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, affects patient outcomes.


PET/CT is valuable in evaluating tumor response to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

PET/CT Utilization and Case Studies

PET/CT is a noninvasive test that physicians utilize to stage the entire body for the presence or absence of active tumor, localize the tumor, assess the tumor response to treatment and detect recurrence in treated lesions.

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