Breast Cancer Case Study 03

Clinical History
59-year-old patient with breast carcinoma underwent a mastectomy with axillary clearance, followed by local radiotherapy. An PET/CT was recommended for follow-up evaluation.

Imaging Findings
STATED REASON FOR REQUEST: Restaging following mastectomy and radiotherapy
TECHNIQUE: Emission scanning from the neck through the pelvis was obtained 93 minutes post injection.

PET/CT FINDINGS: The PET/CT study showed hypermetabolic metastases in the liver, ribs, sacrum, pelvis, femur and upper left mediastinum. Lesions in the right acetabulum, ala of right sacrum and trochanteric region of right femur showed increased radiopharmaceutical uptake associated with zones of sclerosis. The lesion in left sacrum also showed hypermetabolism without corresponding sclerosis. There were focal lesions in mediastinum (left upper para-aortic and left hilar nodal metastases) and multiple nodular metastases in the right lobe of liver.

The PET/CT scan showed high image quality with clear delineation of even very small liver and mediastinal metastases. With the true extent of disease revealed, appropriate treatment could be initiated by the physician.

Data courtesy of University of Tennessee Medical Center, Knoxville, TN, USA

* Any of the protocols presented herein are for informational purposes and are not meant to substitute for clinician judgment in how best to use any medical devices. It is the clinician that makes all diagnostic determinations based upon education, learning and experience.