Patient Preparation

Because PET Imaging depends on visualizing the distributions of the glucose based radiopharmaceutical throughout your body, correct preparation for your PET study is more critical than for other commonly performed imaging studies.

Dress in warm, comfortable clothing, as some scanner rooms may be cool. Avoid wearing jewelry or clothes with metal fasteners and zippers.

Food and Drink
Please call the imaging facility for specific instructions. Generally, the day before your scan drink 6-8 glasses of water and limit the amount of sugar and caffeine you consume. On the day of the scan do not eat or drink anything except plain water for four to six hours before your scan. Drink several glasses of water before your scan to ensure hydration.

Take your regularly scheduled medication with water prior to arriving for your scan, unless instructed otherwise.

Diabetic Patients
Inform the imaging facility ahead of time if you are diabetic to discuss specific instructions. Test your blood sugar level before the scan, it should be approximately 100-200 mg/dL.