Following the Scan

Once the scan is complete, you can relax while the technologist processes the images. After you are discharged you may resume normal activities immediately, unless you have received other medication.

Over the next few hours the small amount of administered radiopharmaceutical will break down and leave your body. To help it clear more rapidly, drink as much fluid as possible for the rest of the day and empty your bladder frequently, unless instructed otherwise by your physician.

After the test, you may resume your normal activities and diet. You should feel no side effects after the procedure, and no aftercare is necessary.

The results of your scan will be interpreted by a trained radiologist or nuclear medicine physician who will look for evidence of abnormal bone metabolism on the scans. These show up as darker "hot spots" and lighter "cold spots" where the radiopharmaceutical has or has not accumulated. The final results of the scan will be reported to your physicians, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Please contact your physician to discuss the results.

Although a bone scan is very sensitive to abnormalities in bone metabolism, other tests may be necessary to help establish a diagnosis. For instance, in order to rule out bone cancer, your doctor may need further imaging studies or a biopsy, which is a sample of bone tissue that's removed for examination.